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16th of December 2018 02:00 PM Link
Best way to learn how products are designed and made? Break it apart!

One of our core courses, Product Analysis, begins next January. Work in an interdisciplinary group in breaking apart a product and understanding the decisions made during the development and manufacturing process.

Oodi registrations open 10.12.: https://oodi.aalto.fi/a/opettaptied.jsp?OpetTap=1133719440&html=1
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10th of December 2018 03:00 PM Link
Our best course - Product Analysis - is starting in January! Sign up now (link at the end)!

Get a real product, break it apart, reverse engineer its journey to parts and learn what product development is all about. Work in interdisciplinary teams of engineering, business, and design students!

Link to WebOodi: https://oodi.aalto.fi/a/opintjakstied.jsp?html=1&Kieli=6&Tunniste=AAN-C2006
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17th of November 2018 09:00 AM Link
Sleeping on tables with our heads strapped to a weird device is one of many things we do at Aaltonaut. 🙂

If you want learning to be fun, work on concrete product development projects, and meet other curious students of Aalto, join Aaltonaut Minor!

More details at: aaltonaut.fi/join
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22nd of October 2018 06:00 AM Link
Never too late to join the Aaltonaut Minor! Easy steps at aaltonaut.fi/join/

Go beyond your discipline and combine engineering, design, and business. Work on concrete product development projects and meet students from other Aalto schools.
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18th of September 2018 04:36 PM Link
Happening ATM! Students from the course Yrittäjyys Aallossa are brainstorming for the next big startup event idea.
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