Instructions for applying

Aaltonaut Minor Programme is open for all Bachelor’s level students in Aalto University. There are no prerequisites for joining the minor.

1. Get Aaltonaut approved as part of your Personal Study Plan (HOPS) through WebOodi

  • In WebOodi, edit your study plan through the “Study Plans” tab (“HOPS” in Finnish).
  • In your study plan Minors module, search for “Aaltonaut” and add the 25 credit Aaltonaut minor to your study plan.
    • You can also have as your minor in your elective courses module, by getting it approved through your study coordinator. This can be useful if you have foreign exchange as your official minor, or you wish to complete a double minor.
  • Send your Personal Study Plan to your study coordinator and wait for it to be approved.
    • PSPs under the status of “primary” or “being approved” are not considered approved.
    • Contact your study coordinator if you have any questions related to your Personal Study Plan.

Getting your Personal Study Plan approved can be done at anytime, there is no deadline, so get the minor approved as early as possible!

2. (Optional) Join our newsletter for information about the programme and upcoming courses

We recommend you subscribe to our newsletter so that you receive all the relevant information about our upcoming courses and any important deadlines.

Completing the Aaltonaut Minor

You must complete 20-25 ECTS of Aaltonaut-eligible courses to complete the minor. There are three mandatory courses that are required to complete the Aaltonaut Minor, and three elective courses (see below for list). An example timeline for completing these courses can be seen on the About-page: 1) join Aaltonaut first-year autumn 2) complete Product Analysis first-year spring 3) complete Designing an Electronic Device second-year autumn 4) complete 2-3 other elective courses between second and third year.

Mandatory courses:

  • Designing an Electronic Device for Business and Production (I-II period)
  • Product Analysis (III-IV period)
  • Professional Development (continuous over the programme)

Elective courses:

  • Product Sustainability (I-II period)
  • ADD Basics (IV-V period)
  • Challenge Breakers (summer course)
  • Design Your Business (summer course)
  • Research Project (I-II period or III-V period, can be used to replace Bachelor’s Thesis)
  • Aaltonaut Communication Skills (continuous, integrated within the programme)