Research Project offers an interdisciplinary and multicultural point of view to scientific research. The students are coached in choosing a research problem and suitable research methods, and they are given guidance in formulating their conclusions and in oral and written communication of their results. The course can be taken as an elective course, or, under certain conditions, can be used as a replacement for the traditional Bachelor’s seminars of the Aalto Schools.

Here is the list of courses which have been executed via Research project:

  • Bachelor’s thesis in AaltoENG, AaltoCHEM, AaltoBIZ, AaltoELEC, AaltoARTS
  • SCI Project course (SCI – C1000)
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering (097311) in Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Project Course (259.309) in Vienna University of Technology

The approval must be agreed with the responsible teachers every time but it may help to know that there are precedents.

Course code: AAN-C2008