Professional development is a unique course in the Aaltonaut minor program. It is integrated with the other Aaltonaut courses (including Communication Skills) to enhance learning and professional skills. The course includes workshops, personal development discussions, independently building a learning portfolio and feedback sessions. Students get to utilize pedagogical and academic experts, as well as the Aaltonaut alumni network, to get the most out of their time at Aalto.


Course code:  AAN-C1003


“Being able to develop your own agenda and communicate your own skills is crucial for multidisciplinary development professionals – not fitting a standard mold means that employers and colleagues do not necessary know what they can expect from you. This course helps Aaltonauts to make the most of their learning, with added support for reflection and initiative. We have workshops on for example writing CVs and setting learning goals for summer jobs, building skills both within Aaltonaut and in the bigger picture.”

Tua Björklund, The Teacher,