After this course, students will be capable of figuring out a product’s life cycle and listing major life cycle impacts. The course aids students in understanding the role of material choice, and material efficiency, in product development. They will also learn how to take a more user-centered approach. This course also aims to improve students’ communication skills related to sustainability.

Another goal is for students to learn how to find and critically apply relevant resources and guidance for sustainable product development.

Course code:  AAN-C2007

The course is accepted as part of the Aalto studies in ENG, SCI, CHEM and ELEC.


“I come across with sustainability in product management and development in industry. I realized that I didn’t know why our products were e.g. VOC free or aromatic free and I didn’t know which technology caused the lowest risks. At this course I want my students to get better tools for making decisions during product development process. The absolute right answers will not be a course learning goal as there are none. But the tools for learning more, making decisions and taking action for more sustainable products are handed over. “

Elina Kähkönen, The Teacher,