We share a common interest: ambition to develop ourselves as teachers. We are curious, courageous and proactive. All of us see Aaltonaut as a perfect opportunity to engage ourselves into interdisciplinary, collaborative, hands-on teaching in English.

Aaltonaut Teaching Team consists of teachers with a student-centred mindset. Curiosity and willingness to develop our own courses has drawn us to Aaltonaut. Some of us have already taken initiative to develop our own courses to be more interdisciplinary or problem-based. Our number is continuously growing!

We represent different schools of Aalto and our teaching experience varies from years to decades. Aaltonaut is always open for development and we warmly welcome new teachers who want to cross the disciplines and try new things in their teaching.

In case you have a course or an idea of a course built on problem-based learning and open for Aalto students regardless of study background, introduce it to us. Or, if any of the present Aaltonaut courses seems to lack your skills and ideas, come and challenge us! Learn more about our Teaching Partner program.

Aaltonaut Teaching Partner

Participation to Aaltonaut teaching follows a Teaching Partner process. The length and workload of the process vary case by case but the basic elements include planning, conducting, and evaluating a collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching session. Teaching Partner can also be taken as a pedagogical course. The participants receive 1-5 ECTS and a certificate for participating to pedagogical development of Aalto University (see https://inside.aalto.fi/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=33645540).

When implemented on a programme level, Teaching Partner provides a tool for pedagogical leadership and quality assurance. Currently we are developing and testing the concept with a growing number of interdisciplinary study programmes in Aalto. For more information, please contact Maria Clavert (maria.clavert[at]aalto.fi).

When conducted as a part of Aaltonaut teaching, Teaching Partner process typically consists of an orientation meeting, interdisciplinary collaborative planning meeting, individual planning meeting, interdisciplinary collaborative teaching session, and evaluation meeting. The workload equals 1 ECTS (27 working hours). The process can include several rounds of planning, execution, and evaluation on several courses. In addition, the teachers can join course final presentations and facilitated feedback sessions, give peer feedback on teaching of other Aaltonaut teachers, write collaborative articles and essays, develop teaching portfolios, and include their other courses into the mentoring process. The process can be extended up to 5 ECTS (135 working hours).

In addition to pedagogical support, we provide support for teaching in English. University Teacher Maurice Forget (maurice.forget[at]aalto.fi) from Language Centre mentors Aaltonaut teachers by providing case examples and new ideas for integrated language studies as well as organising rehearsals and giving feedback for the Aaltonaut teaching sessions. The process is acknowledged by the Language Centre, and Aalto University PhD students can get credit points by participating to the language mentoring process.

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