In the autumn of 2015 the course task for Plastics Product Design was given by Catchbox. During the course the student teams had to develop a docking station for the throwable microphone and at the end of the course to present their work in the final gala. Not [...]


In 2015, continuing the two year co-operation with Aaltonaut, the paint manufacturer Tikkurila gave a summer assignment for two Aaltonaut students. The goal was to bring an outside opinion to painting and find fresh solutions to painting tool development. The Aaltonauts spent their summer working at the Aalto Design [...]


In the summer of 2014 three Aaltonaut students worked for Fortum on Project Greenland where the objective was to conduct a desktop study on the hydropower potential of Greenland. This included site identification for power plants, understanding the unique environment and related risks as well as the challenge of transporting [...]