Aaltonaut is Aalto University’s Bachelor’s Minor Programme on Interdisciplinary Product Development launched for the first time in 2013. Aaltonaut courses rely on problem-based learning as well as interdisciplinary team-work in hands-on projects. The general goals of the Aaltonaut programme are creating collaboration between different disciplines, refining teamwork and communication skills and reinforcing the entrepreneurial attitude. Graduates of the programme have a distinctive edge through their extensive project work experience as well as multidisciplinary skills.

Aaltonaut study path

Timeline and courses

The programme can be started on any year of your Bachelor studies and is aimed at the students of all six schools of Aalto. It consists of three mandatory and numerous elective Aaltonaut courses: Product Analysis (III-IV period), Designing an Electronic Device (I-II period), and Professional Development (continuous) being mandatory. Students are also offered a possibility of doing their bachelor’s thesis in co-operation with the Aaltonaut program. Exchange studies can also be included in the minor. Aaltonaut Communication Skills course can replace one mandatory English communications courses of your degree. For more detailed descriptions of learning content, please refer to our Courses page.

The programme offers integrated language studies focusing on communication and teamwork and academic mentoring designed to develop students’ skills in planning their studies, finding out one’s own interests and understanding one’s own role in an interdisciplinary team. In addition, the Professional Development course that lasts for the entire duration of the programme is designed to support students in finding their career path and succeeding in taking the first steps to the working life.

Company collaboration and the social aspect

The programme also actively seeks to integrate company collaboration in its courses, which provides students real-life projects to work on, as well as employment opportunities. In the past, companies have collaborated with the programme to offer projects, and students have gone on excursions to visit the companies.

Another key benefit of the programme is getting to know students from other schools of Aalto and the co-learning experience that follows. The vision of the Aaltonaut programme is to realize the collaborative nature of Aalto University and bring students of different disciplines to learn from each other and create together. Course work and lecture sessions are designed to be highly interactive, which has resulted in fun and refreshing learning experiences for all parties.


Aaltonaut courses are also offered to all Aalto students outside of the programme. This means that you can register to Aaltonaut courses even if Aaltonaut isn’t your official minor.

Aaltonaut course content

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