18th of May 2017 02:50 PM Link
The final presentations of ADD Basics course were earlier today and the teams final got to show amazing ideas for 3D printed products. The teams came the most creative ideas, like customized 3D printed jewelry and a self-watering plant. The winning teams were chosen with help of expert judges and peer evaluation.
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27th of April 2017 11:21 AM Link
Aaltonaut, AaltoSCI, AaltoCHEM, AaltoARTS and Aalto ELEC are offering this year a collection of five Summer courses. The courses align with the Aalto goal to educate game changers. They are largely built on problem-based learning and hands on teamwork, and they are open for students from different disciplines. These summer project courses highlight interdisciplinary Aalto where theory is tightly combined with practice.

Challenge breakers and Design Your Business are the courses offered by Aaltonaut. Register now!

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7th of April 2017 10:27 AM Link
The final presentations of Product Analysis going on!
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29th of March 2017 11:31 AM Link
Aaltonaut Product Analysis and Product Sustainability courses will be a part of the upcoming Shanghai Design & Innovation College offering. Elina and Maria attended the preparations in Tongji University last week.
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29th of March 2017 09:30 AM Link
Last week the students of Product Analysis course, had to figure out the manufacturing price for their product that had been working on. In this course each interdisciplinary team chooses one product and tracks down its journey from an idea to the store. The prices seemed surprisingly accurate!
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