18th of May 2016 04:59 PM Link
A? Summer Ventures is just a few weeks away, but while you are waiting for it to start, why not come by to Aalto Design Factory on this Friday and experience the Product Design Gala 2016?
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1680132682236373/
Product Design Gala 2016
It is perfect time to mark PdP Gala 2016 to your calendars! Are business, design, engineering or innovations close to y...
20th of May 2016 06:00 AM
14th of May 2016 02:14 PM Link
Did you miss the ADDBasics final presentations? Don’t worry, here are some highlights of the day!
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10th of May 2016 05:39 PM Link
The final presentations of the Aaltonaut course – ADD Basics: Working in the digital paradigm, will be held this Thursday. Come and see how the students would utilise additive manufacturing to create new and innovative businesses. Presentations will start at 15:00 at Energy Garage!
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21st of April 2016 06:49 PM Link
Eeva-Sofia (BIO), Joel (EE), and Seyoung (CS) are looking into the possibilities of additive manufacturing and are developing a 3D-printable customized bicycle seat in the Aaltonaut course - ADDBasics.
Here’s what they think about the interdisciplinary teamwork: “It is fascinating because otherwise you never get a chance to meet people from other schools. From the teamwork you get new ideas, and can look things from different perspectives than you did before, but most importantly you have a chance to expand your network.”
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8th of April 2016 12:56 PM Link
The third round of the course Product Analysis has come to an end, but don’t worry, it will be back again next year. Congratulations to the students for awesome and informative presentations!
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6th of April 2016 07:59 PM Link
On Friday we have yet another exiting day when the students of the course Product Analysis present their work! Come and see what the new Aaltonauts have been up to for the last few months!

The presentations start at 13:30 at Design Factory (Studio).
30th of March 2016 07:39 AM Link
Do you or does your friend have an idea for startup? If you would like to try it out, Summer of Startups can help!

Summer of Startups is an accelerator program that accepts 10-15 teams consisting of students and recent graduates with a business idea. Summer of Startups helps the teams in taking the first steps as entrepreneurs in a low-risk environment.

Applications can be left through SoS website summerofstartups.com. So if you have an idea and a team, apply before April the 5th!
23rd of March 2016 12:15 PM Link
A? Summer Ventures program begins with the course Challenge Breakers in which the students try to solve a myth or other challenge in style of the TV series “MythBusters”. While they conduct the hands-on experiments and produce a video, they also explain the science behind what they find out!

More challenge breakers videos - http://aaltonaut.fi/courses/challenge-breakers/
A? Summer Ventures - http://aaltonaut.fi/summer/