Aaltonaut is a Interdisciplinary Product Development minor for Bachelor students in Aalto University.

The courses are based on problem-based learning, hands-on working and team work.

6th of March 2017 12:08 PM Link
Wondering if you should choose Aaltonaut as your minor? Next Thursday the 9th we will be at sivuainemessut (minor fair) at Otaniemi campus, undergraduate center, Otakaari 1. Please come and ask questions that you may have. See you there!
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23rd of February 2017 10:00 AM Link
Have you ever wondered how interdisciplinarity can be seen in the Aaltonaut courses? From this chart you see how the different aspects of Design, Engineering and Business are spread through out the whole minor!
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8th of February 2017 12:04 PM Link
Last summer's Challenge Breakers videos can now be found at Aalto Design Factory's Vimeo and Aaltonaut website. Here's a sneak peek on one of them. The team researched how dangerous drones really are!

This years videos can also be found here:
30th of January 2017 07:36 AM Link
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25th of January 2017 08:45 AM Link
Registration for ADD Basics is now open!

ADD Basic is the course one step ahead of others. In this course students explore the possibilities of digital design and robotic fabrication and try to invent new business models utilizing them. The main project in course is to create a business plan that is made possible by digital design and fabrication developments.