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Research Project offers an interdisciplinary and multicultural point of view to scientific research. The students are coached in choosing a research problem and suitable research methods, and they are given guidance in formulating their conclusions and in oral and written communication of their results.

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After this course, students will be capable of figuring out a product’s life cycle and listing major life cycle impacts. The Product Sustainability course aids students in understanding the role of material choice, and material efficiency, in product development. They will also learn how to take a more user-centered approach. This year the course is done in cooperation with students from Shanghai!

For more information about the course GO TO: https://oodi.aalto.fi/a/opintjakstied.jsp?html=1&Kieli=6&Tunniste=AAN-C2007
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Shooting The Aalto Ice Tank for our summer project! Hrr it was cold but luckily we had these puffy jackets ❄️now off to ➡️☀️💻
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Virve, a film editor student from Aalto University here! I am passionate about creativity and trying new interesting things which is the reason I enjoy working on the projects we’re making with two of my colleagues: the Campus Tour game and course videos for Aaltonaut. My responsibilities in those two projects are mostly scripting, animating and putting the course videos together. Best part of the job is getting to try something new and challenge myself.”
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My name is Markus and I’m a Design student from Aalto University. My work consists of producing content with Adobe software for the Otaniemi Campus Tour- game and for the Aaltonaut minor programme. I will also be working on the ARIS software that we are using to create the game. I find this extremely interesting because I get to try different things alongside my studies for example creating a game.”
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