22nd of September 2016 03:37 PM Link
The product sustainability course has started and today the students got introduces to the Aaltonaut ways of working! They had to took apart their assigned products to see what materials they consist of, and use that information to figure out how to make them more eco-friendly.
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20th of September 2016 06:29 AM Link
The ESADE Business School is organizing an international Innovation Challenge to be held in barcelona on November 16- 19, 2016. Learn more today 5 pm at design factory!
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8th of September 2016 10:54 AM Link
Doing your Bachelor's seminars this fall?
Research Project offers an interdisciplinary and multicultural point of view to scientific research. The course can be taken as an elective course, or, under certain conditions, can be used as a replacement for the traditional Bachelor’s seminars of the Aalto Schools.The students are coached in choosing a research problem and suitable research methods, and they are given guidance in formulating their conclusions and in oral and written communication of their results.

7th of September 2016 11:34 AM Link
There is still time to register for the Product Sustainability course that starts next week! It's open for everyone in Aalto and focuses on sustainability in product development. Register now!

6th of September 2016 01:03 PM Link
Aaltonaut is at the Aalto party together with TUOTE - Students of Product Development. Come say hi!
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